FDR (Flight Data Recorder)


Today, the rapid development of computer technology has contributed positively to the fact that real-time and fast-time simulation systems have a more effective role in aviation education as well as in many sectors. After simulation studies, it is an important factor to realize these systems with real flights. The FDR (Flight Data Recorder) system, known as the black box among the public, records hundreds of data during the flight of the aircraft.  FDR consists of hundreds of valuable data such as altitude, speed, direction, wing angle, fuel flow depending on the time. FDR normally begins to record data when a motor starts running and the recording continues until the engines have stopped. FDRs are generally able to record the last 25 hours of flight.



Sample of any FDR Data


FDR Data Analysis and Visualization Simulator (FDR VAGS)


A cost effective, efficient and safe FDR Data Analysis and Visualization Simulator (FDR VAGS) has been developed that can be used in the analysis of FDR data. FDR data consisting of hundreds of rows and columns is defined in the FDR VAGS simulator and any flight can be visualized and analyzed at any desired stage. In this case, the performance of the avionics systems on the aircraft can be analyzed if necessary.