Aerospace is a sector that needs high value-added, continuously needs technological progress and needs more qualified human power. The rapid development of technology also leads to the addition of cockpit systems to new equipment and standards.


Developing cockpit systems require systems to provide more intense scrutiny of human machine interaction and innovative methods for improving the knowledge, skills and abilities of the users prior to flight. Therefore, innovative and technological developments make it necessary to constantly renew and develop the techniques used in aviation education.


Scenario-based realization of situations that can not be realized in real flight and which could risk safety risks by flight simulation tools, saves time and cost, especially safety, and also increases training effectiveness.  Scenario-based training is an educational method in which students' knowledge, skills and attitudes in critical situations are developed through highly structured scenarios.


Scenario-based training is aimed at managing all the resources in the cockpit to ensure that the skills of decision-making and risk management in time-constrained environments are improved. Scenario-based training provides an opportunity for users who want to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills during flight in the simulated environment of real operations.

As Tronik Defense and Aerospace, we provide design-based modeling, simulation and engineering services for human and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) systems in the aviation sector. We produce fast and real-time simulations designed specifically for demand and effective and environmentally sensitive projects. Our products, which are produced on the basis of customer demands, can be accessed by computer and web-based.


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