The defense and aerospace sector, where frequent explorations and developments have been carried out since humane flights, are areas of high priority with high cost and safety requirements. Flight simulation tools used from the first human flight; safety, training costs and environmental contributions, it is still an indispensable part of the defense and aviation industry. Flight simulation tools provide significant advantages in areas such as safety, cost and time, as well as increasing the effectiveness and quality of users.

Flight simulation tools, which are an effective and efficient educational tool in defense and aviation sector; It is also used as a means of verification, visualization and analysis and a well-designed plan enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of education. Moreover, it can be said that it is an important part of scenario-based education because it can not be realized with flight simulation tools in real flight, and it is used in training of situations that can risk safety.


As Tronik Defense and Aerospace, we provide design-based modeling and simulation services for human and unmanned aerial vehicles (RPA/UAV) systems in the defense sector. We produce fast-time and real-time simulations designed specifically for demand and effective and environmentally sensitive projects. Our products, which are produced on the basis of customer demands, can be accessed by computer and web-based.


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