Especially with the developments in computer and computer-aided technologies, the use of tools with such simulations in defense and aviation is getting big gains.


Scenario-based realization of situations that can not be realized in real flight and which could risk safety risks by flight simulation tools, saves time and cost, especially safety, and also increases training effectiveness. Scenario-based training is an educational method in which users' knowledge, skills and attitudes in critical situations are developed through highly structured scenarios.


On the other hand, scenarios developed with simulation infrastructures and the interaction of many elements with each other and their interactions with each other can be used to examine the behaviors of users in this environment. It is possible to evaluate the skills of military personnel in the military environment, the behavior of the personnel involved and the nominal or emergency procedures of the weapons and sensor systems of the military aircraft involved in the scenario included in the military simulations in the military area.

In addition, because of the fact that the pilots are not on the aircraft, the UAV/RPA systems must have technological equipment to fulfill this capability. It is also important that these technological developments are implemented with simulation techniques which will be beneficial in terms of cost and time. In this context, we are developing simulation systems in which the critical equipment of the UAV/RPA systems can be evaluated before actual flights.

As Tronik Defense and Aerospace, one of our fields of work is to develop products using defense and aeronautical modeling and simulation techniques and to help these products to be used with our engineering competences. As Tronik Defense and Aerospace, we are developing simulation systems for developing human and unmanned aerial vehicles with simulation solutions, creating scenario based systems, and working with a lot of elements.


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