Ground Control Station

 Remote Pilot Station (RPS) or Ground Control Station (GCS) is a component of Remotely Pilotes Aircraft Systems (RPAS), which controls and controls an Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) or Remote Pilotted Aircraft (RPA). It can vary from a hand held device to a very console station. Can be found inside or outside; fixed or mobile (installed on a vehicle / ship / aircraft). As a general principle, the RPS functions in the same way as a cockpit / plane deck of a manned aircraft, and therefore provides an equivalent capability to command / manage the flight to the RPS pilot.


Design of GCS; should be such as to minimize the likelihood of faulty or restricted operation of the controls by the remote flight team due to fatigue, confusion or interference. The things that need to be considered are at least the following:


1) layout and identification of controls and instruments;
2) rapid identification in emergencies;
3) feeling of control;
4) ventilation, heating and noise;
Considering these conditions, it is important to use for the purpose of testing, analysis and training with the simulation studies of the NPPs with the critical prescription in the RPA/UAVsystem flight operation. Developed in this context, the Ground Control Station is customizable, cost effective and unique for its intended use.