Flight Training Device (FTD)


It is realized in flight training devices that it is impossible to do in reality, but the usual conditions are encountered in a safe and low cost manner. Flight training devices provide 24-hour training regardless of the actual weather conditions. Flight training devices offer more practice in a safe and controlled virtual environment Education is environmentally sensitive as it takes place in a secure and controlled virtual environment. Thus, flight simulators provide significant economic benefits in aviation training. In a study on the hourly costs of full flight simulators, it is seen that on average the actual cost per hour is 17 times less than the hourly costs. Flight training devices are also a research tool used to test new procedures or new equipment.

Flight training devices are virtual environments used in pilot training in the aviation industry. With flight simulators, it is possible to provide training in a realistic manner by providing conditions that are difficult to give to the pilot in the actual flight operation (engine malfunction, engine fire, malfunction in flight control systems, creation of different meteorological conditions, emergency situation, etc.).

Training transfer, which is an important phenomenon in simulation training, is the effect of information and talents obtained from a field and knowledge and problem solving in another field. The transfer of training in the use of what was learned before, in real situations. Training transfer in aviation is an indication of the effectiveness of the simulator training. In any case, the transfer of learned abilities into similar situations can impede the development and learning of new abilities and help. Flight training devices in summary; are devices that reflect the flight and environmental conditions of a specific aircraft, used for designing a new air vehicle, pilot selection and training, and for research and development purposes. The flight training devices we developed for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles are customizable, cost effective and unique.