Hybrid Project HP2 VTOL


Hybrid Project LLC is pleased to announce our HP2 Platform, a modular, long endurance VTOL aircraft, including a hybrid gas/electric powerplant with onboard starter and battery charging. The HP2 requires very minimal ground support equipment, simply add gas and stay aloft for up to 5 hours. There is no need to charge batteries. The proprietary engine management system keeps the flight battery topped-off and ready for vertical takeoffs and landings, as well as supplying energy to power nearly any payload.


The HP2 has successfully completed many hours of flight testing in conditions ranging from sub-freezing Idaho winters to the extremely hot and windy, high altitude flights above the Black Rock Desert in Nevada


Key Features:

● 9ft wingspan, Max Takeoff Weight – 35 lbs
● 5 hrs endurance on 1 US Gallon of fuel (these are actual results under less than ideal weather conditions)
● Onboard starter for FWD Propulsion – this inline unit also generates 350W of power for charging batteries and supplying power for the payload.
● Modularity – The full nose of aircraft can be configured/replaced with any structure that falls within the weight and CG limitations.
● Durable – designed for ease of deployment and hard use, configurable for flying in wet and adverse weather conditions.
● Engineering, machining, composite layup and final assembly are all done in-house. This ultimately keeps the manufacturing costs low and allows us to offer customization and payload integration services that are to the same engineering and manufacturing standards as the rest of the aircraft.


visit www.hybridproject.com for more details