Nowadays, the increasingly common users who supply RPAS from abroad, usually expressed as drone, need to apply for technical eligibility. In this context, an important announcement has been made by SHGM on how to make the applications. Payments not made through the Clearing System will not be serviced and the application for technical eligibility will not be considered eligible.


How to Apply?


The applicant SHGM issued an important announcement on how to proceed with this process. It announces step-by-step guidance of Imported Tenacity Eligibility Complaints. The announcement is like this.


As it is known, applicants to the General Directorate of State (SHGM) Planning Organization for Imported Technical Compliance Applications pay service fees according to the service schedule of the General Directorate. In this scope;


According to the provisions of Article 26 of the Law No. 5431 on the Organization and Duties of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, the price included in the General Directorate's Service Order has been transferred from the General Directorate "Service Tariff Payment System" ( tr), the payment transaction will be done by first creating the accrual PIN



It is compulsory to add Accrual Number to the explanation section during the payment process, and the service will not be provided for the payments not made in this way. To register before payments made as an institution, please write to accounting (at) must be sent.


     Commercial registration certificate,
     Signature Circulars,
     Corporate email address,
     Contact information and
     Authorized personnel information


You can write your questions, opinions and suggestions about the application at accounting (at)

In addition, no payment will be made for payments not made through the Clearing System and the technical eligibility application will not be considered eligible!


Source and Application: SHGM