The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or other popular name drone are generally used in aerial imaging in various sectors. Particularly in recent years, the production of drones in different configurations, facilitation of their use thanks to the controls on them, and the most important accessibility have led them to be used extensively in various sectors. The General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SHGM) for the production, sale and use of these unmanned systems, whose numbers are increasing day by day, follows up with the related regulations and the site of ​​which is made up of İHA / drone's.

One of the most popular areas for the use of drones is a general view of the air from one of the aerial imaging, aerial presentation, aerial documentary shooting, aerial view. In this context, the uncertainties of aerial imaging, IHA pilots and drone's commercial / sportive uses are clarified and explained in related web site, all transactions are made here individually and commercially.


Before starting aerial imaging operations, it is necessary to carry out both individual and commercial transactions in accordance with the SHGM UAV order and on the name of These procedures include shortening the registration of the EHR, registering the UAV pilot, piloting the UAV pilot to the relevant aircraft, obtaining a flight permit, and approving these procedures. After these operations, we can now perform aerial imaging operations with the corresponding location and related UAV pilot and drone.