The main purpose of the National Aeronautics and Space Conference is to bring together researchers and academics, to strengthen scientific communication between them, and to lay the groundwork for collaborative work. Universities and industrial researchers are invited to the conference as invited speakers of research projects, successful researchers and project managers for the promotion of current studies.

The conference, with the full scope of Aeronautical and Space Sciences and technologies, gives priority to the presentation and publication of studies in current and national research areas.

The conference is held every two years by ODTÜ Aeronautics and Space Engineering Department, ITU Aircraft and Space Science Faculty, Anadolu University Civil Aviation College, Air Force Academy, Erciyes University Civil Aviation College, Kocaeli University Aeronautics and Space Sciences Faculty.

UHUK fully encompasses aerospace and space science and technology. Nevertheless, it gives priority to current and national research areas. The main topics of the conference are:


  • Applied aerodynamics
  • Computational aerodynamic
  • Aerosolanalysis and design
  • Air-space constructions
  • Air-space materials
  • Air-space propulsion systems
  • Flight dynamics and control
  • Satellite technology
  • Near space physics
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Air-space vehicle design
  • Aircraft performance and trajectory estimation
  • Avionic systems
  • Aircraft maintenance and repair etc.

Reference: http://www.uhuk.org.tr/