The General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SHGM), SHA-IHA Rev.1 (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Instruction, available from here), which is the most current national authority for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) It separates. These:

a) UAV 0: Maximum take-off weight , with a range of 500 gr (inclusive) - 4 kg,

b) UAV 1: Maximum take-off weight 4 kg (inclusive) - 25 kg,

c)UAV 2: Maximum take-off weight with a range of 25 kg (inclusive) - 150 kg,

ç) UAV 3: UAVs with a maximum take-off weight of 150 kg (inclusive) and more.

For commercial purposes, it is expected that the relevant training of the users will be taken from the authorized training institutions. Individuals or companies that will use unmanned aerial vehicles for commercial purposes under the SHT-İHA mandate must obtain a special flight permit within the framework of Article-8 of the directive.

The company and / or the person receiving the special flight permit must also obtain the Flight Permit in addition to the flight specified in the instruction in the forbidden zone and conditions.

Individuals who use Hobby-Entertainment purposes can fly on specified conditions in case of flight permission.

The "UAV-2 Class Special Flight Permit Checklist" which will be based on the special flight authorization procedures of UH-2 Class Unmanned Aerial Vehicles has been published and can be accessed from  here.

Reference: SHGM UAV Registration System