Eurasia Airshow


The Countdown has started for the Eurasia Airshow, Turkey’s first and largest aviation exhibition.


Eurasia Airshow is Turkey’s first aviation exhibition including an international air display. Eurasia Airshow will be take place between 25-29 April 2018, The first three days of the exhibition (25-26-27 April 2018) is open for business and professional visitors. 

Are you ready to be an eyewitness to breathtaking air displays and the setting of new world records at this giant aerospace exhibition, which will be welcoming all visitors on 28-29 April 2018?  

Birds of the sky are landing on Antalya! 

The Eurasia Airshow brings together the internation’s most impressive air displays with the military and civilian solo and flight teams from around the world. 

Do not forget to book your place at the Eurasia Airshow to watch the breathtaking multinational aerobatic demonstrations and see more than 100 different aircraft up close. 

Prepare to rediscover the world of aviation at the Eurasia Airshow.


References and Tickets: Eurasia Biletix