OKIS Acceptance Completed

The OKİS Air Unit, which is integrated into the ANKA AHA platform, and the OKIS Aerodrome Unit, which is located near the runway, have completed the acceptance tests of the Automatic Take-Off and Landing System (OKIS), which was developed for the first time and which provides precise location information for automatic launch and landing systems of unmanned aerial vehicles using radar technology. All of the tests were performed successfully.

OKIS, which is used to make safe and secure departure and landing, is composed of two main units: OKIS Air Unit which includes transponders and antennas located on IHRs and OKIS Ground Unit which works with radar technology which is stationed on the ground. With its small size and weight, the OKIS Air Unit can be used without any significant effect on the useful load capacity of the UAV in almost every segment.

Quote and Reference: Meteksan