2018 International Competition

UAV Turkey 2018, which is held regularly every year, has started applications for the International Competition of RTAs. Detailed information such as work schedule, competition place and rules are available in the rules book.


As stated in the rules book, the competition will be invited in two main categories:


Fixed Winged UAV Systems
Rotary Winged UAV Systems


It is expected that the duties defined in both categories should be made according to the rules and thus the competences of participating teams in this area should be assessed. Thus, it is aimed to increase the interest of the students who attend from high schools and universities and to acquire skills.


UAV Turkey 2018 competition venue to be organized this year is determined as Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) Campus. The information related to the runway section to be used in the IHA contest will be announced by Tübitak. The schedule of the judge is as follows: