9. Congress on Convallion Technologies, with SAVTEK-2018;


It is aimed to discuss the communication of R&D studies within the framework of the above mentioned main themes in the field of engineering, basic sciences and management sciences for the participation of TSK, university and defense industry representatives and defense technologies,


It is expected that the priorities of the national strategy and policy level will be evaluated at the administrative level in the panel with the opening session and the proposals for the country will be produced.



• Land / Sea / Air-Space Platforms
• Weapon-Ammunition-Propulsion Systems
• Armor, Protection and Invisibility Technologies
• Detection, Protection and Destruction of Hand Made Explosives
• Unmanned Systems
• Communication, Electronics, Information, Discovery and Surveillance Systems
• Electro-Optics and Sensor Technologies
• Electronic Warfare Systems
• Cyber ​​Security Technologies
• Modeling-Simulation, Increased Reality, Virtual Reality
• Micro and Nano Technologies
• Power and Energy Technologies for Defense Applications
• Material Technologies
• CBRN-p Defense Technologies
• Operations Research and Decision Support Systems

• Networked Warfare
• Need and Resource Management in Defense
• Human Factor and Health
• Logistics Management
• System, Project, Production and Risk Management
• Innovation; AR-GE and Technology Management
• Public-University-Industry-Partnerships in Defense
• Qualification / Certification / Accreditation
• Digital Conversion in Defense, Artificial Intelligence, Large Data Analysis


Reference and Congress Web Site: http://www.savtek.metu.edu.tr/